When the COVID 19 lock down is announced, the entire cast and crew of a feature film are sent home – alone. They are actors with no audience, Production crew with no set and Directors with no script. Couples fall apart, others come together and some find they are simply alone – A feature film composed of seven interlinked narratives, A Bird Flew In follows and examines what happens when we are freed from external distractions and forced to find a meaning in our loves and lives.

A Bird Flew In


Kirsty Bell


Ben Charles Edwards


Philippe Martinez


Derek Jacobi, Jeff Fahey, Sadie Frost, Frances Barber, Camilla Rutherford, Morgana Robinson, Michael Winder, Julie Dray, Sophie Kennedy Clark, Daniel Ward, Bill Fellows, Nikita Mehta, Kirsty Bell




1hr 35min

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Manuel DelgadilloRaindance Film Festival
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A Bird Flew In could not be more relevant to our times. Featuring moving performances from a talented cast, including Jeff Fahey, the film balances pathos, humour, and existential dread with a poetic sensibility. With dynamic editing, a humanistic approach to storytelling, and deft narrative pacing, the film underscores the need for human connection and our desire to find life meaningful during lockdown.
Screen Queens
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‘A Bird Flew In’ is a Soulful Piece of Cinema Verité. It is bound to make you feel. It’s goofy yet sad, heartwarming and bittersweet, it provides us with a window into the trials and tribulations of the not-so-distant-actually-very-current reality of our lives, and how we find ways to cope. A fantastic directorial debut that provides a compelling collection of stories carried out by a talented cast.
Eva MackevicReaders Digest
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Despite the rather scarring subject matter, the film is a highly stylish and elegant affair. It’s black and white, unafraid to experiment with disorienting camera angles and unusual takes, filled with voiceovers and poetry. Though beautiful in its bleakness, A Bird Flew In can be a bit rough around the edges, losing steam with some storylines, while overplaying others. Luckily, the captivating cast never lets us linger on this fact for too long.
Shadows on the WallReview Website
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"Highly emotive scenes, very nicely shot and played."
Roger CrowOn Magazine
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“Achingly sad and brilliantly performed.”
Medical HumanitiesBlog
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“Poetic meditation on the traumatic experiences people of all ages experienced during lockdown” ---- “Brilliant acting all round, a lightness of touch from the film director, and sensitive editing make the film an insightful cinematic journey” ---- “A poignant testimony on a tragic chapter in the history of humanity.”
Awesome Friday!Review Website
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“Gorgeously shot - some excellent capital-A acting”
Sarah MorganPoignant Words
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“Some beautifully touching moments and is brilliantly crafted.”
The Language of Love
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“It has the warmth of an all-star cast with cameo like appearances from Derek Jacobi and Frances Barber that keep a glossy sheen on these pandemic tales of woe.”
Ashley ManningWebsite
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“A Bird Flew In captures the madness and absurdity of the last two years…it gives a gut punch.”
Carmel ThomasonQuays Life
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“Powerful naturalistic performances from a recognisable cast.”
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"Beautifully shot, wonderfully acted and skilfully directed."
Film & TV Now
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Competently acted, directed and filmed - the excellent performances of all the cast are the soul of where this film’s power lies.

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