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Goldfinch Finance is a leading independent entertainment financier. Our track record covers direct investments of $150M-plus, generating $500m gross value of production.  We pride ourselves on being flexible and quick in everything we do. When we support a project financially, we throw ourselves entirely behind it – its success is our success. 

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Goldfinch provides credit financing to film, television and video game projects. We provide “advances”, secured against collateral such as pre-sale or receivables contracts, tax credits, minimum guarantees, negative pick-ups, etc. We assess every opportunity on a project-by-project basis to see how we can potentially assist – but at this time we cannot assist with equity / matching funds / “Play or Pay” deals. 

Goldfinch will consider loans from £50,000 up to £10m which typically occur on productions with budgets of up £15m. 

Goldfinch typically charges between 12% – 25% per year based on the size, duration and security/risk parameters of your project.  Please note pricing can vary greatly. 

Goldfinch typically charges an additional 2% – 5% (depending on size) of the total loan as a setup fee to structure, underwrite, close and manage the transaction through maturity. This is deducted from the loan amount the production will receive. 

Goldfinch must also charge for the legal fees incurred in connection with underwriting and documenting of each loan. On smaller deals this could be between £2,000 and £5,000.  On larger transactions this fee could be a lot higher due to the complexity and number of parties involved.  Once our term sheet is signed a non-refundable deposit is required to begin legal work. 

Goldfinch take first position security over the collateral we are lending against. Goldfinch will also require both a personal and an additional corporate guarantee.

Yes but Goldfinch are highly selective in the projects it chooses to GAP finance.

Please see our Goldfinch Ventures division and contact the team on (

Yes we can collaborate with other private equity financiers, private lenders, banks and institutions so long as the specific collateral granted to us is sufficient and unencumbered (i.e. no other financier has been pledged that piece of collateral).

If your project / financing opportunity has unencumbered collateral, we will be happy to assess the detail further to see whether we can assist. We have worked with a wide range of clients across all experience levels. For financing opportunities, we do insist that the early production stages of the project are in place before we can commit to financing. If you would like us to assess to see if we can add your project to our production slate then the earlier the better we get involved.

Whilst we insist a Completion Bond should be in place on the vast majority of the productions we finance, Goldfinch is also able to provide loan financing to projects which cannot or will not get a completion bond. If this is the case we will potentially require a personal guarantee and corporate guarantee from the producers and / or company.

We like to see projects as early as possible in order to track their progress and potentially comment and assist with the structuring of the finance plan.  But realistically we can only begin our analysis and produce a Term Sheet once there is collateral in place we can lend against.

Goldfinch have a wide range of sales and distribution relationships, however we are always keen to expand our network.  Ultimately our decision to lend against any collateral is always based on the creditworthiness of the sales or distribution party in question, which is forever changing.  We are always more than happy to introduce producers to our contacts which will likely mean a higher chance of us lending against any collateral they provide.

Whilst Goldfinch are a UK based company meaning the bulk of our loans are to British and European productions, we can and have lent to productions globally.

Goldfinch aim to review and provide initial feedback on a project within 3-5 working days which will include some outline pricing. A Term sheet will be issued within 7-10 working days. Financial closing can take between 5-30 days.

The Conditions Precedent will broadly consist of the following:


• Multiparty Agreements
• Financing Agreements
• Tax Credit Documentation
• Completion Guarantor Agreements
• Security Documentation
• Sales Agency Agreement
• Distribution Agreement
• Insurance Policies
• Chain of Title
• Production Agreements
• Locked Production Structure
• SPV Constitutional Documents, Resolutions and Searches

Please talk to our team at Goldfinch Entertainment about assisting with Executive Producer and Co-Producer services by contacting (